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12 Digital Marketing Mistakes

12 Digital Marketing Mistakes

12 Digital Marketing Mistakes



Digital marketing mistakes are recurring themes within the internet marketing space. Even the most experienced marketers are also guilty of this. It is fairly uncommon for you to see a perfect digital marketing campaign without any sign of a mistake.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing firms like Tradmill Digital Marketing allow you to track the full user journey, from the initial contact with the customer to the final product sale. Furthermore, it gives room for precise targeting of each consumer. A TV commercial, for example, reaches a large audience, whereas a YouTube video targets people who are more likely to buy the product or service being promoted.

The main tools of Internet marketing include:

•        Contextual, media, and targeted advertising;

•        Promotion in social media marketing;

•        Social Media Marketing (PR and influencer);

•        Organic promotion in search engines;

•        Effective content marketing;

•        Email marketing;

•        Web analytics;

•        Paid Search: AdWords;

•        Email Marketing / Marketing Automation

What then are the 14 Digital Marketing Mistakes digital marketers make?

Let’s look at each of what we consider to be the most common digital marketing mistakes, so you can avoid them and promote your brand more effectively online.


Every effective digital marketing activity should start with proper planning. ironically, this is where most digital marketers falter because they don’t seem to give enough consideration to the planning process of their campaign. The outcome of this often is an ineffective or poorly executed campaign.

When feasible, we like to emphasize the importance of planning. And it’s for a simple reason –

A digital marketing project is nothing more than a precise action plan, with each step well defined, and executed with well-planned strategies.

proper planning should always be the starting point of any online marketing activity because this is what leads to great results.

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This point is directly related to the above point. While you’re still in the planning stages, you should conduct a competition study to see what other businesses in your niche are up to.

You don’t have to duplicate their model, but learn from the digital marketing mistakes they’re making or are likely to make.

Today, we have tools that allow you to do a thorough audit of your competitors’ websites, giving you an understanding of the techniques they employ and the possibility of incorporating or omitting their strategies from your strategy altogether.

Also, you can use the data you get to spot flaws in your competitors’ digital marketing efforts and use them to your advantage.


One of the key noticeable digital marketing mistakes is when a digital marketer(s) solely depends on social media as the only tool for growth.

Yes, social networks are a vital aspect of an effective digital marketing process, but being over-reliant on them as the sole means of promoting your activities and capturing leads can hurt the outcome of your general campaign.

Although these tools are extremely powerful, they are only complete when combined with other effective marketing activities.

Even digital marketing experts know that focusing solely on social media management is still one of the most prevalent digital marketing blunders, and they do all within their capacity to avoid this pitfall.

If you create relevant content, in the form of a blog or any other rich content, using social media to share it boosts its effectiveness

Whatever the situation may be, remember that it’s the blend of different media channels that brings the best results.


One of the most common blunders is the inability to decide on the targeted outcomes before starting your digital marketing campaign. Failure to set clear goals and quantifiable targets in respect of sales volume, form fills, calls, sign-ups, etc. make it difficult for you to measure progress properly.

If this is not done, evaluating the campaign’s efficacy in terms of product or service sales, response level, and quantity of interested customers would be difficult.

In order words, always establish your key goals and objectives before kickstarting your campaign.


The planning of any result-oriented digital marketing activities, be it through social media, blogging, videos, or paid advertising campaigns, must rely on quality research. 

Before embarking on any project, it’s ideal for you to carry out a thorough market analysis. This will save you money and time.

The truth is that most business owners overlook market research. Instead, they make assumptions about the outcome of their effort without conducting the necessary analysis that guarantees success.

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What most digital marketers forget at times is that:

1. Each page on your business website should be built with either a keyword or several keywords in mind

2. The value of keywords of every keyword you use can vary considerably depending on their level of traffic and level of competition

3. Spending the time to research what people are searching for helps you with SEO, Google Ads, and other forms of PPC marketing

Proper keyword research, for example, can help you to understand trends in your market and learn about your competitors.


Consumers now prefer using mobile devices: according to Datareportal, the most recent data from GSMA Intelligence, there are 5.31 billion unique mobile phone users around the globe today. In the last year, the overall number of unique mobile users around the world increased by 95 million. The number of unique mobile users is increasing at a rate of 1.8 per cent every year.

The sorry state of the entire situation is that some digital marketers still don’t give enough preference to users of mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

 A viable mobile device strategy is very important if you want your business to be ahead of the competition.

Begin by examining how current users interact with your site via such devices and try to see how you can improve your services to them.

If you don’t already have a mobile strategy in place, you should consider whether a mobile app is a suitable fit for interacting with your clients.

And once it’s in place, deliver useful information that’ll attract their attention and start building a relationship with them in the process.

You also need to make sure that your site is compatible with all mobile devices. Sales and ads with special offers display nicely on mobile platforms.


We have yet another very recurring mistake.

Yup! We know that new marketing channels such as mobile platforms and social media have a lot of buzzes

This probably may be the reason most digital marketers make the mistake of abandoning traditional email marketing.

This is one of the worst and most expensive digital marketing mistakes you can ever make.

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Although the lines between sales, service, and marketing are blurring, email remains the customer journey’s connective tissue.

For instance, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment (ROI) is $36. Email marketing is profitable. You may expect a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent on email marketing. That’s a better return than you’ll get from any other marketing strategy.

Again, let’s talk more about numbers, according to  Getresponse, a welcome email’s average open rate is 82 per cent. As a digital marketer, when creating an email campaign for your growing audience, you may take advantage of this.

The sorry part of the entire situation is that with such a high open-rate for welcome emails, digital marketers still fail to include some important information that they want their audience to be aware of in their welcome email.

Marketers may also offer a highly tailored email campaign by harnessing customer intelligence across all channels of engagement, including social media and mobile devices.

Furthermore, with the introduction of smartphones, accessing email has never been simpler. Simply taking your phone out of your pocket allows you to check for fresh messages.


SEO is crucial to digital marketing, whether you’re a paid search or social media marketer, or generalist.

Any attempt to ignore it makes you and your entire content not to be visible on the internet. Google also penalizes any websites that do not follow SEO best practices.

For your SEO effort to be effective, you’ve to know the search intent of your audience and prepare your content in line with that. What is your audience looking for on the internet, how do they use search phrases, and what is their intent when they use or see such terms?

Create content that is of high quality, useful, and unique. This is the type of information that search engines look for, and it’s the foundation of good SEO. When you can tick all the boxes for compelling, high-quality, valuable, and unique content, your website will receive lots of visitors with time.

Deliver a great user experience on your website.

All of the components that contribute to a positive user experience (UX) also contribute to effective marketing:

1.  Provide shareable and relevant material, as well as a user-friendly layout that makes navigation simple.

2. Ensure that the page loads quickly.

3. Ensure that your site is compatible with all browsers and devices.

4. Lead site visitors through the most effective conversion channels.

5. Configure analytics correctly.

You may use many of the guidelines and practices that help you obtain high search engine rankings to optimize your digital marketing activities as a whole. Simply said, SEO reinforces the best practices listed below.

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Do you have a campaign with two personalities? Even seasoned digital marketers make this mistake. When initiating a campaign, you must know where it will go and when it will go.

You risk confusing your audience if your landing page goes live on day one, but your social media campaign doesn’t go live for another two weeks, or your email campaign doesn’t go live for another 30 days.

Begin with a good foundation and be consistent in your efforts. It also helps to reinforce the message, as your audience may have multiple connections to your brand. You can reach specific users in a variety of ways if you conduct an email campaign followed by a social media post.

They may open the email and go to your Facebook page. Support this tightly connected messaging throughout your whole digital footprint, which can lead to greater conversion quality and quantity.


The term “lead generation” refers to a series of operations aimed at finding future customers. User profiles, callback requests, contest participation, and other sources might provide personal information about the target audience. Interacting with clients to provide a personalized product is something most digital marketers fail to promote.

You can boost your marketing effort with personal mailings, exclusive offers, and a more complicated sales funnel if you acquire such a database.

Obtaining the contact information of potential clients opens up new avenues for effective communication with them. At the same time, we recommend that you concentrate on quality rather than quantity.


It is vital to monitor the trends for the coming year in this era of rapid digital technology growth. To stay ahead of the competition, you must plan ahead of time for changes and tools important tools on time.

You can allocate funds and invest in future tools that’ll produce outcomes based on upcoming trends. You need to collect and analyze current data and keep up with current trends.


Producing content is the second step in gaining authority and achieving your position in search engines. That’s after having a well-developed and optimized website. When you combine the two, your online performance can skyrocket.

We now live in an era where no one wants to see commercials, and some even pay to avoid seeing them. in other words, creating content is the most effective way to communicate with your target audience. People will remember you if you provide them with useful information, solutions to their pain points, or search queries.

In the long run, content creation may transform everything, and there’s no denying that a lack of it is one of the most typical digital marketing mistakes.

You may create and distribute content in a variety of ways, including writing blog articles, making speedier and more direct posts on social media, and of course, using email.

Digital marketing mistakes are part of the entire digital marketing process. They help you spot areas where you’ve to channel your energy for the growth of your business and to enhance customer satisfaction.

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