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14 tips to boost conversions and sales

14 tips to boost conversions and sales

14 tips to boost conversions and sales

The biggest mistake you can make as a digital marketer is to be everything to everyone. You have to carve out a niche for yourself, in which you’re going to be a major player. The digital marketing tips you’re going to get from this blog article will help you to properly articulate ways to serve your customers the way they want to be served. Tradmill Digital Marketing will help explain it all.

Customers spend their hard-earned money on whoever can provide them with the best service.

And for them, they’d prefer to visit a specialist who has all the solutions to their digital marketing problems.

Just look at it this way, if you’ve got a fracture on your leg, who do you visit for the best services?  An orthopedist or a mechanic?

You may be an online retailer, local service business, e-commerce site, or personal brand looking for online exposure and more sales. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you all covered.

Your key digital marketing strategies should include online activities that you do to meet your customers’ needs and achieve your set marketing objectives.

Customers should be the focal point of everything you do as a business. And you should start by researching your target markets before developing the necessary tactics that’ll help you serve them better.

These digital marketing tips will help you get all the top tactics and techniques to help you create, manage, implement and monitor your digital marketing campaigns effectively.



You might probably not see the need to research your competitors to sew what they’re doing.

That may be a result of complacency. Or you believe that since every aspect of your business is working out smoothly, so would they remain forever.

The reality about life is that virtually everything is in circles, the fact that you’re at the top today doesn’t mean you’ll remain there forever.

And for you to be at the top of the digital marketing game for a long time pull, you’ve to find out time to look at what your direct competitors are doing.

What keywords are they ranking for? What’re they posting on social media? Who’re their followers and how are they interacting with their content?

Using tools like SEMrush you can compare your rankings with theirs side-by-side. Also, you can use Alexa to check how many backlinks they’ve and from which sites.

Then, find out how you can get links from those same sites and similar ones in your niche.

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Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO is mainly about getting your site to rank at the top of the search engines.

One of its key downsides is the length of time it takes to achieve high rankings.

The smartest way to do this is for you to launch a Pay-Per-Click campaign while waiting for your (SEO) organic search efforts to start yielding results.

Your SEO campaign should start with keyword research. Your keywords are what

searchers use to find your website on Google and picking the right one is essential.

There’re many free keyword tools you can use to find keywords. One of them is the Google Keyword Planner Tool. It’s free to use. All you need is a Google account.

The ideal combination of keywords you pick should’ve high traffic volumes and low competition. You’ll want low competition keywords because they’re easier to rank, sometimes more profitable, especially if you use long-tail keywords.


As of June 2021, Google’s share of search engine dominance is around 92.47%. That’s the biggest slice of the search traffic for sure, but there’re other important players in this arena. They include Bing, Yahoo, and a couple of others.

Your search engine optimization activities should include the addition of your target keywords into your title, the first 100 words of your blog article, meta description, and sprinkling it densely into the body of the article, sometimes using synonyms that relate to the same keywords.


PPC is a type of paid traffic that is charged by click. Google is one of the most often used Pay-Per-Click service providers for international marketing. Other Pay-Per-Click players include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft Bing, Pinterest, and Yahoo.

The benefits of PPC are that they’re:

  1. Highly measurable, unlike many forms of online and offline channels such as social media, TV advertising, radio, and many others
  2. Great for obtaining big traffic volumes that are tailored to your products or services
  3. Easy to control and turn on and off like a switch
  4. Only pay what you can afford and no more than that
  5. Quick to apply and get results

PPC, on the other hand, has its drawbacks and requires thorough research before you launch it.

Furthermore, you’re likely to see little or no sales if the campaign isn’t set up properly.

If you need any help, you can reach out to us, since we have a team of professionals who’re Google Specialists.

Keyword research and analysis should be part of your research to determine the phrases people use to search for what you’ve to offer.

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The top button of any successful digital marketing activity is the satisfaction of the customer’s needs.  Without it, digital marketing would not even exist.

These digital marketing tips are nothing but your ability to convince the customers that the products and services you provide to them cover their needs more than what they can get elsewhere.

In the United States for example, On average, 82% of customers say they stop patronizing a business because of its poor customer service experience.

To cover this ugly trend, focus every of your effort or innovation on the actual needs of your customers.

For instance, before launching any new product or service, seek their views. Indirectly ask them questions like: “if I add some toys to these children’s dresses, would you buy them? Simply use common sense to ask such a question naturally. Do it as if you’re holding a conversation with the customer.

That’s more of market research and the feedback you get will help in making an informed decision.


 Can any tips for digital marketing these days be complete without the mention of email marketing?

Your email list and campaign goals must all align for you to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Then you can get down to business. The first step is to categorize your email list by demographics or actions taken by subscribers. Create an email, or a series of emails, to persuade customers to take action by either subscribing to your newsletters, downloading a free ebook, filling out a form, etc.

After that, the next natural step is to create an automated lead nurturing campaign. Planning the buyer’s journey and matching your email strategy with it is the key to building a successful workflow.

Do you want to know the way forward?


Here’re some important pointers to remember as you progress:

  1. Use different types of content at different stages of the lead’s life cycle.
  2. Enable lead scoring so you can see what motivates people to interact and progress from one stage of the life cycle to the next.
  3. Segment and customize your content.
  4. Experiment with different subject lines and copies.

One of the best digital marketing tips is for you to have a content strategy in place. Good content is the bread and butter of effective digital marketing.

Its key role is to help you get visibility, attract leads, and above all make sales. You use content to grab attention and retain consumers who visit your website or any other content you create.

 Irrespective of the type of content you create, make sure it’s of high value to your audience.

Content is a terrific way to express your brand’s message to potential customers and give vital information about your company.

It’s a good strategy to get more organic traffic to your site and helps you rank higher in Google results.

Creating new and distinctive content regularly can also have a big impact on the demographics of your audience. Keep in mind that consumers are looking for content that’ll benefit them.

One of the biggest mistakes some digital marketing agencies make is to believe that their content will start grabbing the needed attention once they hit the “publish” button to post it online.

They ignore the fact that the best content strategy must focus on both short-term and long-term goals. See it as more of a marathon, not a sprint.

The most popular content types people like consuming are blogs, podcasts, checklists, videos, infographics, guides, and eBooks,

Get to know your customers and create rich content that’ll meet their search and consumption needs.

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Let’s say you write blog articles that attract some visitors to your website. To keep such visitors on your website or in the sales funnel, you can offer them a valuable downloadable digital product with suitable content at the end of the article.

 You simply get to do that in exchange for their email addresses. Later, you can use the email addresses you got to target them again. You can do that when there’re new offers you feel they’d be interested in. You can also encourage readers to sign up for your newsletters in return.

Doing these will increase the likelihood of converting most of the leads you get into genuine buyers.


Digital marketing is an extremely diverse field considering how quickly the rules and algorithms for marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram are changing.

Hence, it’s necessary to keep up to date with the changes in the industry. Follow popular digital marketing websites and social media trends.


You need a good social media presence if you want people to notice your brand, drive more traffic to your website, build a strong relationship with your audience, and build authority in your niche.

The platforms are very crowded but effective. So, they’re not as easy as you might think, and the mere creation of a Facebook page isn’t enough.

You should first come up with a marketing strategy capable of meeting each platform’s specific goals. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for instance have different marketing goals and user policies you’ve to understand.

To be successful, you need to invest quite a bit of time and energy into your social media marketing.

Aside from promoting special offers, you’ll also need to reply to comments, and questions, and create useful posts that your followers will find relevant enough to share.

Getting one platform right and then testing the next is more important than joining every social media channel you see at once.


Data is an essential part of modern digital marketing. It can be especially useful when you are working to improve your ongoing digital marketing campaigns. This of course is one of the best digital marketing tactics you can start implementing from now onwards.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great example of where data provides value. When your digital marketing efforts start gaining momentum, your search engine optimization (SEO) also starts to accelerate.

When this happens, you can start tweaking your search engine optimization strategies to strengthen the results.

If you own an eCommerce store, for example, you can use Google Analytics, to know the demographics of your audience. With a user account, you may have access to some information about your customers’ search and buying habits.

Do this by using analytics tools to research industry-specific keywords to rank for in search results pages (SERPS).


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more crucial as digital marketing becomes more data-driven. That’s, especially for organizations focusing on very personalized kinds of marketing.

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Your company can make use of AI to examine not only customer data but also marketing initiatives.

Your team can rapidly obtain insights from millions, if not billions, of data centres using AI. This can aid in the development of a competitive, individualized digital marketing strategy for your company that appeals to all sectors of your target market.


Convert, convert, and convert some more! This is the golden rule of online marketing or any marketing for that matter.

It’s in essence one of my favourite digital marketing tips. It makes no difference how much attention or traffic you get if it can’t be converted into sales or another pre-determined goal.

This is why, once your digital marketing business is up and running, conversion rate optimization should become vital. By then, you’ve probably created landing pages, long and short content, and contact forms.

At this stage, you’ve to evaluate your digital marketing actions to determine what’s working or hindering your ongoing efforts.

This improves every component of your marketing collateral and guarantees that it’s effective in motivating consumers to take action.

As mentioned earlier, a greater part of this task involves tracking and analyzing data using Google Analytics. The task here is for you to always pay much attention to the conversion rate.


Finally, be certain that your digital marketing efforts do not end at the point of sale. Your digital marketing activities should be part of a coherent, comprehensive consumer journey if you want to get the most out of them.

That doesn’t imply you should try to divert your attention away from striving to satisfy clients through all available channels.

Give your customers a great customer experience that they can’t find anywhere. But while doing that, remember that you can’t serve everybody at the same time.

Focus your energy on getting in front of the appropriate customers in a very unique way.

In other words, your campaign shouldn’t be a standalone job of driving traffic to your website or generating sales.

Rather, make it part of a larger and all-embracing customer journey starting from your first contact with the customer to the customer service effort and of course, the sales process.

Digital marketing can be a daunting activity. As such, it can feel fragmented, disconnected, and expensive. That’s why companies can’t just start digital marketing activities and leave everything to chance.

Instead, use these digital marketing tips to revisit and improve your digital marketing endeavours for effective service delivery.

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