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The importance of a great website

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The importance of a great website

The importance of a great website

Your website is the representation of the service or products that you provide. It is the place where visitors will interrelate with you for product or service. It just makes intellect if you come onward, connect with your visitors, and satisfy their desire with your requirements.

Even if you do offline advertising, it’ll most likely send users to your site. Whether it is about buying the product and leveraging services or making some booking or getting contact details!

When it comes to a great website, it consists of a multitude of variables like User Experience (UX), layout, Speed, SEO, and more.

While a great website is a significant element of your promotional strategies, several businesses forget that it is only one part of an overall advertising strategy and should be consistent in look and purpose with your other advertising efforts such as PPC marketing. Your website is the best marketing tool that provides tons of advantages.

In this digital era, several brands and businesses have realized the value of digital marketing and have starting design and redesigning their sites as well. But let me tell you one thing, this’ll not increase your website ranking in search results, but it’ll certainly boost the bounce rates.

In the past, the sites were created to complete only one or two aspects of marketing requirements. Though, digital marketing agencies have made people aware of the modification for the essential things on sites.

As the best digital marketing agency in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England in the UK, Tradmill know how to design and use a website as an efficient marketing strategy.

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Key elements of a great website

  • User Experience (UX)

Whenever you plan to design or redesign a site and brand image, forever keep users in mind. Ensure your website is easy to use; otherwise, you’ll not gain traffic. As a leading digital marketing agency, we know the design of a site has a big impact on the UX for your traffic.

Whenever you design a site, ensure users find it smooth to navigate and click every link on your site and make sure the loading speed of a website is fast.

The website should be displayed perfectly even if it is opened on the website browser. If your site consists of a big image, then it’ll show down your site. Therefore, it’ll make a negative on user experience.

  • Website Design and Layout

Attractive website design and layout are extremely vital for any site, same how attractive merchandising is vital for retail outlets. Tradmill Digital marketing agency can help you to design attractive designs.

Once your potential visitor lands on your web, they take only fifty milliseconds to decide whether they want to carry on browsing or stay on your website. The design should be in line with your branding strategy so that the moment anyone visits your site, they’d be able to understand your business and its values instantly.

Another key element that needs to consider concerning web design is usability. Ensure that the site is user-friendly and it gives a great user experience to the web browsers.

The right thing about website designing is that there’re no limitations and you can experiment and innovate methods like hidden menus, rich animations, typography, humorous micro-interaction, etc. to make an ideal user experience.

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  • Mobile Optimize

Did you know that mobile browsing has beat desktop web browsing in recent times? 

As such more than 50% of your potential customers are trying to access your website via mobile phone. If your site does not load rightly or fails to incorporate a positive aesthetic for your mobile, it’ll eventually cut your opportunities in half.

During your website design, it is crucial to test it across every potential device. A well-created website will respond to any screen size, whether that is a tablet, laptop, PC, or mobile. Other you’ll never gain the max conversions or exposure that you deserve.

The shift towards smart device usage will only continue to grow in the coming times. So, it is time to control via mobile optimization.

  • Testimonials

With the huge competition in digital marketing, one of the must-haves for your site is the testimonial section. It shows all the appreciation and comments of satisfied persons. This element is a great way to boost your website credibility.

The testimonials make new customers and visitors feel comforted and confident about buying your site. This can be placed on the home page itself, so any visitor of the website can view them easily on landing. Though, there should be a separate page, especially for your customer’s testimonials.

  • Monitor your website performance

If you won’t know whether your website is working rightly, you will need to monitor its performance regularly. Keep a list of the goals we mentioned at the start of this post and check whether you are moving towards reaching those goals.

Set clear measuring and tracking parameters to assist you to determine the website’s performance. It is also helpful if you write down your reviews after each analysis or discuss with Tradmill strategies that could boost your site’s success.

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  • Smart marketing strategy

Just designing a site and launching it’s not enough for those who’ve high ambitions. The success of any business site means more than just internet presence, and it depends upon a digital marketing strategy.

Several advanced marketing strategies are there you can trust for the success of your sites such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and email marketing. According to your business, you can pick the best digital marketing strategy that’ll work best among all.


All in all, a great website can have a huge impact on digital marketing. if you put any wrong step in website designing, it might affect your business image as well. Ensure no area of virtual marketing suffers and cover all of them as part of your marketing strategy.

Website plays a key part from website branding to search engine optimization to social media outreach. Putting some effort without the right knowledge might create a negative impact.

Therefore it is advisable to consult a professional company that might guide you through conversations. Tradmill is a well-known digital marketing agency in Sheffield, England.  Our comprehensive experience in digital marketing strategy permits you to analyse, engage and convert your target traffic in real-time.

Do you’ve any questions?  Contact us at Tradmill Digital Marketing so we can use our SEO expertise to help bring more leads, engagement, and sales to your business.

There are plenty of great Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield, South Yorkshire to choose from and if your business needs a digital transformation or digital marketing specialists, you should go ahead and get in touch with Tradmill Digital Marketing who are based in the city. You will fall in love with the results that these specialists can offer you in the long run. Call them on 0114 308 7010 or email us at info@tradmill.co.uk. Contact Tradmill Digital Marketing as they will be happy to help you with your online marketing.

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