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Top 7 Digital Marketing trends in 2022

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Top 7 Digital Marketing trends in 2022


Among the most growing industries in the world is digital marketing. Just a few years back, companies and business firms advertised their services using brochures, newsletters and print-form magazines. However, with the development of the internet, these have now become “traditional” forms of advertising. Today, marketing is done via online platforms; an activity that has made it possible to reach an even larger audience and generate more sales for businesses.

However, the innovations made in digital marketing are not constant; they are constantly evolving. Each year, new trends pop up, with some of them remaining in the market and others going away at a fleet speed. Therefore, if you are looking to gain a competitive advantage in the market, it is crucial that you keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Here are the top seven digital marketing trends for 2022 that will help your business stay at the top of its game all year through:

1. Voice Search

Do you know how many voice searches are recorded every month? 1 billion voice searches! And when it comes to businesses, recent research showed that 58% of consumers tried finding local business information using voice search. More so, 20% of all searches made on the internet are voice-based, while 40% of adults have been proven to use voice search every day.

Therefore, as a marketer, voice search is not something that you should take for granted. After all, consumers nowadays use Alexa or Google Assistant for most of their internet searches; two software that are designed with functions for voice assistants. To take advantage of this growing trend, produce audio content, as well as ads that utilize specific keywords that consumers are likely to use when searching for your products.

For example, you can use trigger words in the ads and audio content, such as “best,’ “how,” “easy” and “what.” These are the most used words in voice searches; hence, using them guarantees to rank your website higher in search engines.

2. AI-Powered Optimization

Following all the great advancements made in technology, most services now use artificial intelligence. Some of these services include search engines, content creation and chatbots. For example, in content creation, the Jarvis software is used to generate original and creative content. Also, this AI-powered software can be used to write website copy and high-quality blog posts.

A good example of a search engine that utilizes AI-powered optimization is Google. By implementing AI into the system, Google can now understand best what users look for, as well as the specific kinds of content that answers their searches. Take for instance, if you look up “fish oil” on Google. Due to the AI optimization, Google knows that the main search intent of the user is to learn about the benefits and side effects of fish oil.

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Therefore, it is important that you always use the right keywords on your website; the type of keywords that nail the search intent. For example, if you have an e-commerce product page designed to sell fish products, you would not rank high on search engines by using “fish oil” as a keyword. After all, as mentioned above, Google would only rank high websites that discuss the benefits and side effects of using fish oil, while those that sell fish products would be ranked low.

The best way to nail the search intent on search engines would be utilize content optimization in your content workflows and search engine optimization. To achieve this, you can take advantage of the ClickFlow tool, which pulls all essential data from top 20 pages on search engines. Using this data, you can work to create perfect and well-optimized content for your pages.

3. Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps offer more than just a platform for sending texts and cute emojis to friends. Think about this: the 3 top ranking social messaging apps (WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger) have a total of 4.5 billion users. This is more than all the users on YouTube and Facebook combined!

Therefore, if you are looking to access a wider range of your target audience, the best place to start would be using social messaging apps. In fact, 56% of these app users comment that they have used the messaging services to acquire more information from brands during their buyers’ journey.

You can also use social messaging apps to execute a better conversational marketing approach. After all, almost every customer and client expect a business to have an online presence on social messaging apps. Replying to customers and answering their questions via messaging apps is not only easy, but also a direct way of interaction and bonding with them. Furthermore, you can always use social messaging apps to regain potential customers, deliver timely information on products and offers, and also involves people in your company events.

4. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a form of advertising that uses automated AI technology for ad buying. According to recent research, programmatic advertising has reached a global spending of about $130 billion, with 61% of the total spending being from U.S companies and firms. Also, another research conducted the eMarketer showed that the spending of the programmatic display ad in U.S grows by an average of 18.4% each year.

Those research findings are clear proof that programmatic advertising is one of the key digital marketing trends you should keep up with. By removing human resources and contributions from ad buying, this form of automated advertising ensures that companies render their services in a more cost-effective and reliable manner. After all, it is an undeniable fact that the optimization scale of programmatic advertising is significantly higher than that of humans.

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Take, for instance, most of the search-driven manual advertising campaigns, as well as those campaigns that are performed using professional tools. These campaigns usually consider three targets (or four at most) in their advertisement, namely: location, time of day and the keyword. On the contrary, programmatic demand-side tools and platforms consider hundreds of targets. These targeting signals integrate with customer data platforms to target consumers according to their behavioral habits and lifestyle.

Therefore, if your company or firm utilizes paid media buying strategies to acquire more customers, you would do well to incorporate programmatic advertising into your marketing channels. And one of the best applications you can always use for ad buying is real-time bidding (RTB); this application purchases guaranteed ad impressions from reliable choice publisher sites using real-time auctions.

5. Social Media Stories

Stories that disappear after one day (24 hours) are the latest trend in the world of social media. Snapchat was the very first social media company to introduce this concept. Then, with time, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn came up with their unique story formats.

Even though they disappear after just 24 hours, social media stories are among the best digital marketing trends businesses can use to boost their sales and attract more customers. These stories not only allow marketers and business firms to share genuine content about their products, but also give them a better opportunity for connecting on a closer and more personal level with their customers.

Consider the following five different ways you can use social media stories to improve your marketing strategy:

  • Use Snapchat geofilters to improve your digital marketing strategy – Include the location tag of your business on pictures that you post.
  • Create polls within your Instagram stories – Through these polls, you can carry out a thorough research about your products and/or services. For instance, get to know what your customers love about your preferences, their preferences, as well as areas of improvement.
  • Invite your social media followers to try out the clear call-to-actions.
  • Add links to your website, YouTube and other social media platforms on the stories.
  • Regularly add mentions to your fans, clients, and brands on your stories.

6. Conversational Marketing

Now more than ever, people want to their questions answered immediately. In fact, market research shows that 82% of all consumers that ask questions want an “immediate” and “prompt” response. And as David Cancel, the CEO and founder of Drift, comments, “Today’s buyers expect to find what they’re looking for now, not later.”

Indeed, conversational marketing has now become the go-to marketing strategy for improving consumer experience, driving customer engagement, and growing more revenue for the business. This type of marketing encourages a close, personal, and instant relationship between customers and marketers. What’s even better, conversational marketing can be made available across different devices, channels, platforms and in convenient time schedules that fit the preference of the customers.

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There are different methods that companies and firms can use to implement a good conversational marketing strategy, such as using personalized emails, chatbots, virtual selling assistants and personalized videos. Among all those methods, chatbots are the most effective and most recommended strategy. Why so?

First, chatbots offer a 24-hour customer support service to customers and clients. They provide instant human-like responses to simple questions that web visitors ask. And according to research done by Uberall, 80% of customers comment that they have a positive experience with AI-automated chatbots.

Also, unlike most human customer support services, chatbots can recall the entire buying history of each customer accurately. As virtual assistants, they automate all repetitive tasks, allowing humans more time to work on other more important activities of the company. More so, chatbots can offer high-quality customer service, since they try to meet all customers’ expectations and offer prompt responses all the time.

 7. Video Marketing

Video marketing has been ranked among the most crucial digital marketing trends for 2022. And it is most likely that it will remain a trend for the next five to ten years. Consider these four interesting research findings by a Biteable survey about video marketing:

  • About 60% of all businesses in the world use video as part of their marketing strategy.
  • 52% of video marketers comment that videos help to build more trust between them and their potential customers.
  • 74% of video marketers comment that, compared with static imagery, video has much better returns on investment.
  • 61% of video marketers agree that video marketing is an “extremely important” part of any business’ marketing strategy.

However, contrary to what most people think, video marketing involves more than just posting marketing videos on YouTube. There are also other ways you can drive a higher engagement to your website, such as by making interesting video posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Better yet, you could start a love broadcast on these social media platforms.

Video marketing is especially useful if you are planning to republish or repurpose your existing content. For example, you can decide to take different content pieces, such as blog posts, then turn these into interesting marketing videos. Alternatively, you can make a video, post it on both your YouTube channel and website, then have it transcribed and published into an article. In fact, for better ranking on search engines, you would do well to embed the YouTube video in the published articles.

Also, in addition to uploading the video on YouTube, upload it on Facebook. Remember to include the transcription as subtitles so as to get a higher engagement and impression share on the platform. What’s even better, you can rip the audio from the video and use it as a podcast episode on your website. Indeed, video marketing offers you a wide range of options that you can use to generate more traffic to you site.

Bottom Line

Just like life, digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry. And unless you keep up with all the major trends happening in the industry, your website will always be ranked low, and you will not boost any of your sales. Therefore, take into consideration the top 7 most important digital trends for 2022 discussed in this article. Doing so will ensure that you always have a competitive edge in the market; always remaining at the top of your game. However, keeping up with these trends is not an easy task. I mean, they are simply too many to count, right?

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