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Getting positive Google Reviews in 2022

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Getting positive Google Reviews in 2022




Anyone who works with customers knows that there is one thing that works better than advertising. That’s getting positive Google ratings and reviews for your business. Positive Google ratings and reviews build trust and distinguish your business from the competition.

To be honest, how often have you looked at the typical product or service information, the price, and, most importantly, other clients’ ratings before paying for a product or service?

Well, getting reviews isn’t easy. Not when it comes to positive rating, at least. Everyone enjoys taking the time to post bad reviews, but that’s regrettably human nature. Fortunately, and contrary to what many people may believe, bad reviews aren’t so bad, because, when asked and reminded, buyers equally post positive ratings and reviews.

To acquire positive Google ratings from clients, you must, in most situations, go out of your way to do so.

The majority of people only leave a review when they have a complaint or are furious about something.

Or, if I may ask you as a person, for example, have you ever written an email to your digital marketing agency manager thanking him for helping you make more money with your Google Ads?

It’s even more crucial to actively manage the Google reviews yourself! Especially now that this blog post is going to help you realize how vital ratings are for your business.

Why Do You Need Customer Reviews For Your Business?

A good rating is always nice, but a lot of good ratings are even better. They are perfect from an SEO perspective if you submit them to Google My Business.

The ratings provide you with candid input from your clients, and you may use it to make improvements.

Tradmill Digital Marketing recommends replying to favourable reviews with a simple thank you, such as a polite comment, to create trust with your customers. This will almost certainly result in even more great feedback!

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Apart from that, acquiring Google reviews is one of the most significant aspects of local search positioning. Online reviews have a lot of impact on people’s buying decisions. According to Qualtrics, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product.


  • Almost nine out of ten UK shoppers said they would examine online reviews before buying from a company.
  • Before making a purchasing choice, 93 per cent of shoppers read reviews.
  • Customer testimonials can boost conversions by as much as 270 per cent.
  • If there are no user reviews, 92 per cent of consumers will be hesitant to purchase a product.
  • 97 per cent of customers say that reading customer reviews influences their buying decisions.

It’s vital to address your consumers individually to encourage them to offer you a Google rating.

That’s the most sympathetic, and you can react to any queries directly!

What Are The Advantages of Having Positive Google Ratings and Reviews?

• Consistent positive ratings send a clear message to Google that people enjoy visiting your website. Of course, Google wants pages and businesses that customers enjoy to appear in search results. As a result, shops that frequently receive good feedback are placed higher.

• Practical: Reviews take up real estate in the search results. More “advertising space” equals more space. Greater perception is associated with more advertisement space. More clicks equal more awareness. More clicks are wonderful since they will almost certainly result in more customers.

• Positive ratings are, of course, beneficial from a psychological standpoint: Begin by looking at yourself: You are more inclined to acquire a business or a product that has a positive rating than one that has a negative rating. You can call it recommendation marketing if you like.


When asking for something, there are four things to keep in mind. It almost doesn’t matter if it’s about an evaluation or something else.

1.            Be Authentic And Personable

If your request for a review appears cold and impersonal, few customers will respond positively. If the request is very formal, it most likely lacks personality. Therefore, be: respectful, courteous, friendly, and personable.

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2.            Explain Why You’re Making The Request

Give your visitors reasons you’re appealing to them to drop a review for your website. If customers are given a reason to leave a review, whether it makes sense or not, they are more likely to comply with your request.

3.            Get Straight To The Point

If you’re looking for a review, don’t write an essay. Be succinct and to the point about your problem. The more straightforward you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

 4.           Go Straight To The Link

Keep the appropriate review URL on hand for future reviews. If it looks very obscure, use a link shortener such as Bitly to make it pleasant for the eyes.

Sample Texts To Ask Customers For Reviews

There is no one-size-fits-all here. All you’ve to do is to nicely follow the guideline below to ask the person to drop you a review to help make your brand grow.

Just write it this way!

Hello (followed by the person’s name)

Thank you for taking the time to use our service. We hope we were able to live up to your expectations.

Customers who are happy with their purchases are extremely important to us. We’d appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and feedback with us under [place your review link here] so that other customers can find us. It’s fairly rapid and extremely beneficial to us.

We appreciate your faith in us!

Warm regards

[sign your name]              

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1.            Open a Google My Business Account

Create one for free if you don’t already have any. You have control over the photographs and information about your business that display in Google searches if you have a Google My Business profile. The fundamentals of the business include the address, hours of operation, and a link to the store’s website.

Filling out the essential information demonstrates to consumers that your business profile is official, increasing the likelihood that customers will leave a review.

2.            After Making Sales, Ask For A Review

After making the sales, you’ve to ensure that the customer’s experience is positive. This is when you can seek a review by sending a typical line (as seen above) along with the Google My Business link to the customers.

Note: if a customer has had a bad experience, try to figure out what went wrong and do all within your powers to fix it. The customer’s expression of displeasure alone indicates that he is still hunting for a solution. Try to make the best of the circumstance.

3.            Publicise Your Positive Reviews

At times, in business and life, you’ve to blow your trumpet so people will realize that you exist.

Hence, in addition to improving your services and customer service, submitting good reviews on Google My Business is a terrific strategy to encourage more people to rate your clinic positively.

And you shouldn’t think of this as a show of arrogance, but rather as a method to get the word out about your business’s qualities and how well it has been received.

As a result of this realization, more consumers will begin to notice the quality service your business delivers and, are will be willing to show this through their reviews.

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4.            Always Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers

We all appreciate it when we get a little more than we expected. Without a doubt, you have a good probability of achieving the customer’s “WOW moment.” Simple gestures like a gift or a product “tasting” service can work wonders. This time, don’t forget to request a review!

What is a WOW moment, exactly? It’s the point at which a user is completely happy with a product or service.

5.            Make Use Of Social Media Sites

Use the Internet to your advantage. It’s full of powerful tools for your firm to communicate with the public.

Social media sites are a good example too. They’re ideal for getting reviews and ratings because they’re a direct relationship route.

After all, most of your audiences are familiar with your company, and there’s nothing better than soliciting feedback from people who are likely to be repeat clients.

So, harness the power of these networks to increase the number of reviews you receive. Whether it’s in Facebook groups, Twitter, Whatsapp groups, or even your Instagram bio for more loyal clients.

Whatever option you choose, you will be advertising your company to devoted customers who will leave favourable reviews.

6.            Give Your Consumer The Greatest Experience Possible!

It may seem simple, but the experience your firm provides is what most inspires customers to leave a favourable review and comment on your Google listing. The procedure begins with the first contact and continues through the after-sales period.

Make a realistic assessment of each step of your business process and make a list of areas where you can improve. Speaking with your collaborators can provide you with useful knowledge.

7.            Avoid Buying Reviews

The goal of getting user ratings and reviews on the Google My Business card is to have accurate opinions.

The company (Google) gets a sense of how people perceive your business. It’s no longer your business if you buy reviews.

Consider this: does your organization truly want to survive based on false customer reviews? Simply earn favourable reviews if you want them.

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When someone searches for a business or a location near them, Google services such as Maps and Search will return results.

Google My Business considers three fundamental elements when rating a business and determining where to place it on the search results:

1.            Relevance

The best match between a local Business Profile and a user’s search is determined by relevance. To help Google better understand your business and link your profile with relevant searches, include complete, relevant, and detailed information about your business.

2.         Distance

The distance between each potential search result and the location keyword used in the search is often taken into account. When a user doesn’t provide a place in their search, the distance is estimated using the information Google has about your business location.

3.         Prominence

This is the most essential component because it’s linked to the company’s popularity.

That is, to stand out and be more relevant, your company relies heavily on user evaluations.

Because reviews are such an important part of Google My Business, your business will only appear in search results if you have them.

After all, the more people who notice and comment about a company, the more chance it has of appearing higher in the rankings.

What all this means is that SEO strategies apply to local search optimization as well.

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This is where the entire process gets even trickier. There isn’t any easy way for you to remove any negative reviews that may hurt your business.

All you’ve to do is…

For you to report a negative review to Google My Business to have it removed from your profile.

You cannot delete the review directly, even if you’re the profile manager. This is because the GMB is a collaborative tool, and the outcomes must be as objective as feasible.

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