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15 Blog writing tips for 2022

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15 Blog writing tips for 2022



Blogging can be a simple, fun, and profitable adventure. But the key problem some bloggers face is how to come out with a strategy that’s sustainable and easy to follow. This article is to help you understand some of the blog writing tips that’ll make your blogging effort easier.

One of the main challenges content marketers face is how they can create good content without spending days and even hours on it…

These blog writing tips will help you save time and write articles faster without spending so much time on them.

Here’re some of the effective blog writing tips we’ve been using to grow Tradmill Digital Marketing to the standard it’s attained now:


Identify your target audience before you ever put your pen to paper. What does he like? What kind of information or data is he seeking? Create buyer personas to answer these questions. 

The essence of doing this is for you to have different blog posts that target different buyer personas.

For example, if your audiences are working professionals, you can use your blog to discuss how they can use LinkedIn to build connections and grow their brands.

 A blog post should thus target a specific audience with defined interests.


After deciding on the topic for your blog, the next stage is for you to carry out thorough keyword research to determine the possibility of your article ranking on the SERP.

The keyword research you do must take into consideration the users’ search intent. Your article should be in the form of providing an answer to the questions that readers type into the search engine.

If you’re new to blogging, one of our blog writing tips is for you to base your keyword research on a topic with a high search volume and a low competition rate.

Carefully and naturally put your keywords strategically throughout your article, particularly, at the beginning.

For instance, let’s say your keyword is “best banana bread recipes.” This phrase should be used in the post title, SEO title, and URL (e.g. best-banana-bread-recipes). You also have to add it to your image alt text. 


Every website visitor, customer, and potential customer has a problem or need. And as they visit your site, they expect to find a valuable solution to their pain points.

 A list of your readers’ struggles is a great source for blog posts and articles.

As you can see from our blog title” 15 Effective Blog Writing Tips That Wins More Clients.” This kind of list topic works magic, and they offer instant solutions to readers’ problems.

Create a spreadsheet first, or a blank sheet of paper.  Start listing the questions your customers or your site visitors often ask.

The answers you come out with can make great blog posts. 

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You must decide on the topic of your blog post before you begin writing it.

Use a good SEO tool to analyze search volumes to maximize your chances of success.

Whenever possible, especially if your site is new, we recommend writing blog posts on topics with high search volume and low competition. 

What this means is that you’ll have the chance to promote your site and gain popularity if you write on a topic that’s not too competitive.

However, if you choose to write on a blog topic with high search volume and high competition, you’re likely going to struggle to rank your blog and its content due to high competition.


The next step is to delve further into the content and determine what has previously been written on the web using the same keywords and search results as yours.

Examine the first several pages of search results to see what other bloggers are up to and the topics that are doing well.

This is one of our favourite blog writing tips because it’s an easy strategy for you to see which sub-themes and essential issues other bloggers are talking about.

From this knowledge, you can compose the most comprehensive blog article on the internet by combining external research with your understanding of the subject.

As a result of this, Google and other search engines will lavishly reward you with a high ranking.

That’s not all, clients on their part will see you as an authority in your niche, and you’ll gain more visibility and valuable recognition in the process.


Once you’ve chosen a topic for your blog post, you’ll need to come up with a catchy and clickable title that’ll entice people to click on it rather than that of your competitor.

Your post titles should be appealing and true to the post’s content.

Some people may be fooled by the famous click-baits, but before you know it, they’ll likely stop visiting your blog once they discover that you don’t keep to your words.

Your title must include a promise that you’ll use the body of your content to fulfil.

It should also treat the main subject matter you’re aiming to address.

Don’t be afraid to use power words or phrases that entice users to click on the title of your blog article.


After your heading, the introduction is what effectively captures the attention of the readers and persuades them to read the paragraphs that follow.

And you achieve this by using a hook to retain the interest of the readers so they’d keep on reading till the end.

You can arouse the reader’s curiosity in your introductory paragraph by sharing anecdotes, demonstrating empathy for the target audience, citing statistics, stories, etc.

The introduction must then state the article’s goal and how it’ll help to bring solutions to your readers’ pain points.

Don’t also forget that a blog post’s main goal is to inform, educate and entertain the readers.

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There’s a lot of chatter about blogs. There’re countless blogs competing for the same audience. The fact that most of them are just online noisemakers is good news if you know what you’re doing.

These kinds of blogs provide weak, baseless, and generic information.

Some are simply copying other people’s blog posts, and changing a few words here and there. We equally have some bloggers who see no qualms in copying and pasting others’ work verbatim.

The easiest way to copy others’ work is for you to attempt writing about a topic you aren’t in control of.

On the other hand, here’re why it pays to write about something you know well…

You can express your ideas uniquely and naturally that others don’t. 

Your thought and ideas will resonate with ease when you write about a topic or subject matter you understand.  

This alone helps you make a serious impression in your readers’ minds.


I don’t know how well you know that online readers are mostly scanners and to help them read your content,

You’ve to use bullet lists to add clarity to your articles whenever possible.

This helps to make your work appear neat and easy to read.

It’s not advisable to use dashes to form long sentences. The goal is to convey information concisely. Avoid the excessive use of long bulleted lists.

A good bulleted list has 2, 3, 4, or 5 points.


This is where many bloggers falter.

You have to make your content to be relevant to the needs of your readers as possible.

Remember to double-check your sources if you need to cite figures, trends, etc.

It’s up to you to decide on your writing style. Try to be as direct, but sometimes, conversational as possible with your readers.

Above all, remember to use short, simple sentences.

The goal is for you to make the reading of your blog as simple and enjoyable as possible.

A text with short paragraphs is more appealing to read than an article with large blocks of text of several dozen lines.

Consider using bold to make important information more visible to your readers.

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Kudos to you if you can make a subject that seems complex and easy for your audience to consume.

This is one of the best blog writing tips you can ever use to teach something useful. 

There are many wonderful expert blogs out there. Yet, some expert bloggers become too verbose and end up confusing the readers the more.

If there’s an important point you need to take home at this stage, it’s that most blog readers are looking for simplified answers to their questions/pains/challenges.

If you find it difficult to write a decent and easy-to-read blog article, you can reach out to Tradmill Digital Marketing, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, so our team of writers can help you write great content that meets your business needs.


A post with good images attracts readers and makes the text more appealing to read.

This blog writing tip suggests that you consider the quality, size, weight, and, of course, copyright of the image you use on your blog.

You can bring more life to your article by adding images, videos, or infographics. The benefit of using images on your blog is that some internet users are mainly visual consumers.

You can get free stock images and videos from Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, or Unsplash.com.


You need a publication plan to help you keep to a functional posting schedule.

Define the posting frequency and topics. Also, use a calendar with local dates.

Having a publishing schedule helps you to know when to publish your content. It also helps your readers to know when they should expect a new post from you.

Scheduling your content helps you remain focused on the task at hand and frees you from hurrying to post a low-quality article for your readers


This may seem silly, but a quick internet search reveals that many websites do not re-read their articles.

But it’s vital to the way people perceive your brand; as either organized or unorganized. A blog post full of errors won’t entice readers to keep reading.

Proofread thoroughly. If necessary, reread your article two or three times.

It all depends on how seriously you take this task. Some even return to the article a few days after publishing to get a new perspective on it.

Taking it a little further, you can invite a new and external eye to spot typos, redundancies, and any other forgotten flaws.

Consider using WordPress or Google Docs’ auto-corrector (if you write your blog posts there before putting them online). They’ll help you to easily avoid small mistakes.


We can’t write about blog writing tips without the mention of your article having a clear call to action.

Include at least one call to action that tells your readers what next they need to do. A CTA is one of the best strategies to convert readers into paying customers for your site.

It’s a link in an article that encourages readers to do something specific, such as “subscribe to your newsletter” “join your email list, “download a freebie,” or “go to the store.”

The implementation of the above blog writing tips will take your article to the next level and help you to become an expert blogger.

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