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The benefits of having a blog- Blog No.50

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The benefits of having a blog- Blog No.50



Many companies aren’t still aware of the benefits of a blog for their businesses. Some still see it as a diary used to write some of their business activities. Tradmill Digital Marketing does though and this is our 50th published SEO optimised blog.

There are a lot of business blogs. They are diaries, just that! As a result, they use their business blogs to promote themselves.

That’s fine as well. In short, I’ve no qualms about that, except that they’re depriving themselves of the benefits using of a blog as a means of customer acquisition. You have to be relevant.

What that means is that, if your goal is to attract clients, this blogging model won’t help your brand.

When it comes to using a blog for your business, the focus isn’t on you or your business. It’s all about your audience. Our 50th blog post is dedicated to you all.

Thus, you must understand and resolve their problems. Also, don’t bring up what you did last summer or any awards your organisation has won.

These are fantastic topics for an introduction, but after that, you should turn your attention to the reader and help them improve their lives.

Let’s take a closer look at everything.

Some small and medium-sized businesses in Sheffield, in particular, are hesitant to use a company blog for marketing. despite having the privilege to consult a Digital marketing  in Sheffield for advice.

Some believe since they’ve minimal resources available, they should be more strategic in spending.

Some fear that there is always a lack of ideas for what to blog or write about. They forget that blog is a long-term and useful tool for business development.



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A blog is vital for your company’s long-term stability and success. It helps to get your products or services out into the market.

As you may know, with the development of digital marketing, the alternatives for promoting and marketing a firm have changed substantially in recent years. It used to demand a large advertising expenditure in the past.

While it still requires time and work, many of the most effective marketing strategies have evolved and become more accessible, particularly for small firms.

The beauty of having a blog is that you don’t even need to have a team of writers. You can hire a digital marketing agency, like Tradmill Digital Marketing to help produce quality content for your blog for a little fee.

Online content and blogs are the most successful ways to sell your services and products these days.

Business blogs have one thing in common. They create and distribute digital content regularly to keep readers informed about upgrades or other essential information.

Business blogging isn’t far from new. Even in B2B marketing, more and more companies are enjoying the benefits of a blog in growing their business.

But why bother with a blog?


A business blog is where they often post articles about significant company updates or other vital information on speciality issues, events, awards, or current trends.

The corporate blog will enable you to demonstrate your experience, and highlight your skills and knowledge.

It also helps you to communicate company values, and keep up with industry news. You will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your subject owing to the blog.

This will have a significant visual impact. You can use it to reveal the progress your company has achieved in the development of a novelty, market trends, industry news, and actual solutions to specific challenges.

You can also use it to provide answers to questions your clients frequently ask.

Giving your readers free advice or solution through your blog helps to improve your reputation. What this means is that when they decide to buy something, they think of you first, rather than your competition.

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Businesses that create blogs desire to increase website traffic to attract new consumers, generate leads or sell more things. This also increases the visibility of a company’s or a brand’s name on the Internet.

You can use your blog to provide helpful explanations, checklists, suggestions, or short videos on company communication strategies.

A blog nurtures consumer ties and delivers free added value to loyal customers.

This is a good question!

As a digital marketing agency specialising in content creation, SEO, web design, PPC, SEM, etc, Tradmill Digital Marketing is in the best position to provide an unbiased answer to this question.

What makes a successful blog is its ability to acquire customers through article pages that tell interesting, valuable, and helpful stories. Traditional press releases have little to do with modern storytelling. Rather, it’s about content that adds value and quality to the reader in a variety of ways.

There’re hardly any reasons why a business shouldn’t own a blog.

But there’re many benefits of a blog for the acquisition of customers. We’ve compiled a list of them for you.

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  1. Helps You Learn More About Your Clients.

Your business blog is a terrific opportunity to discover more about your clients or consumers. It allows you to understand their needs and desires.

If you’re having trouble coming up with blog post ideas, reach out to your consumers and ask them what they’d want to see on the site.

If you hire the best content creators in Sheffield, we’ll use your blog statistics to help you to determine what is popular and what topics you should write about.

Researching and writing about your customers’ problems and interests can help you better understand what they want from your products and services, and how you might enhance customer service.

  1. It Builds Trust

Every successful sale begins with the foundation of trust. This isn’t a new concept and it’s not negotiable.

No sane person will like to patronise a business with a questionable reputation

Under the concept of reciprocity, a blog allows you to progressively introduce yourself. You start by giving first and receiving later.

Potential clients need seven touchpoints before trusting you and purchasing something.

Your design, approach, and sales text don’t have to be perfect for you to gain customers’ trust.

  1. Your Company’s Images Can Appear on Google Image Search

Your site has the potential to appear not just in regular Google searches, but also in Google image searches! Take advantage of this opportunity as well. Particularly, if you’re a local business around Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

What is nifty about it also is that aside from optimising your Google My Business Page, our team can use this opportunity to optimize your images so they can rank.

This is also helpful and profitable if you’re a self-employed internet store owner who uses your photographs for your products.

Even if you’re an online retailer selling third-party goods or a service provider, you can gain from Google’s image search.

For instance, visitors can go directly to your website by clicking on a picture if they want more information or want to buy something. As a result, include photographs in your blog entries and make sure they’re optimized (with keywords).

  1. Strengthen Your Company’s Brand Image

Besides being an effective SEO strategy, a business blog allows you to establish your expertise and professionalism in front of people who come across your brand.

It’s no longer enough to have a well-referenced retail or showcase site to get conversions,

You can also use the blog we create for you to boost your brand’s image. This is crucial during the purchasing process.

You can publish interviews with partners or satisfied customers, demonstrations of new goods, and detailed reviews of various products and services in your blog posts.

You may add a lot of information that will reassure your visitors and prospects by writing quality articles about your company, your customers, and your industry.

It’s an additional and useful means of revealing why it’s better to choose you over your competitors.

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  1. You Can Reuse Content on Social Media

Reusing blog content is easy. You can share this on social media with a short note and Twitter link. Or use your contribution’s intro as a LinkedIn post. Add a link to your new publication.

There are more content recycling options than just redistributing it. You can adapt a blog post with 20 tips into a series of social media posts. For example, 20 tips=20 postings in 20 days.

The same goes for vlogs (video blogs). You can embed Youtube or Vimeo videos in posts. You may create TikTok and Instagram reels from long videos.

Repurposing content is one of the key benefits of a blog in customer acquisition.

As you can see, one piece of content can be repackaged and shared in various formats.

  1. Corporate Blogs Attract Backlinks

Backlinks boost Google rankings. Few websites or bloggers link to the firm’s “products and services” pages or advertising. Useful blog content gets linked to more often.

Business blogs’ backlinks are valuable, educational, and non-promotional. As a blog owner, you gain more backlinks, greater search engine ranks, and more visitors and buyers.

It informs customers and boosts brand and expert trust. It also boosts customer loyalty and relationships.

  1. It Can Be An Education Tool

You may publish valuable information, display knowledge, and offer solutions on your corporate blog. Everything is about your field, subject, and product.

When making a post, you must present short, informative, practical content. Blog about themes that interest your target demographic and existing customers.

Aside from the educational benefits of a blog, startupbonsai reports that 70% of people would rather read articles about a company than watch commercials.

Tradmill is ready to create longer, action-oriented checklists, guidelines, or ultimate manuals for your company. This content educates our readers.

  1. Your Business Blog Projects You as An Expert

Every professional, thoughtful, critical blog article reveals your thought processes, honesty, humour, and corporate insights.

You don’t need to write the most perfect content to garner attention online. A summary of your industry trends or a reaction to a recent article might be successful blog posts.

You can present finished projects or tips for implementing industrial projects. Write with your customers in mind.

  1. It Enhances Your Rankings on Search Engines

Content marketing is the latest trend in the digital marketing space. It’s the basis of search engine optimization because they’d be no optimization without content.

It might seem a little broad, but I agree with it anyway.

The purpose of any search engine is to provide the best possible result to the user. And the best potential result in this scenario is qualitative data.

Every time you publish a new blog post, you add another page to the archive. The search engine has now indexed this page. As a result, you’ll have even more chances to be discovered there.

The good news for most small businesses in Sheffield such as restaurants, coffee shops, coaches, fitness trainers, consultants, etc. is that they don’t even need a lot of search engine traffic.

  1. Drives Traffic to Your Business Site

Setting up a company blog will help you create traffic to your site through search engines and social media.

One cannot exist without the other. The better your site is visible, the more traffic you’ll receive.

As regards social media, a successful blog is one that’s read and whose posts get shared by your audience. It’s why the editorial line and the additional value of your articles are so vital. Your notoriety grows with the speed of the buzz as more people read your articles and then recommend them to their networks.

You gain consumers by boosting your notoriety! The blog does allow you to create different postings on your website. As a result, a reader can land on an article and then proceed to your product sites.

But that’s not all: increasing your site’s exposure by blogging will almost result in greater revenue!

Don’t forget that 84% of online buyers say they buy a product after reading its description on a blog.

Who else wants to have engaging content written for his company blog? Contact us for any content marketing or web design challenges you may have.

Is there any way Tradmill Digital Marketing can help to create that perfect experience that scales for you? Kindly contact us for more information.

If your business needs a digital transformation or any digital online advice, you should go ahead and get in touch with Tradmill Digital Marketing. You will fall in love with the results that these specialists can offer you in the long run! Call us on 0114 308 7010 or email us at info@tradmill.co.uk

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