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It may appear that migrating your website from one host to another is difficult. But it’s relatively simple if you use our website migration service.

We’ve moved hundreds of websites from popular formats, including WordPress, HTML, and many other platforms at Tradmill Digital Marketing.

No matter who your hosting provider may be, we can migrate your website fast without downtime.

We can assist you and ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

We take pleasure in moving websites with meticulous planning and implementation.

Our migration service starts with planning the move and learning about each hosting provider. We then carry out the migration process to make sure it is easy and doesn’t have any mistakes.

In Sheffield, Tradmill Digital Marketing offers the best site migrating services.

We’ll manage every aspect of transfer, including database and file migration. Whether you are doing anything as easy as moving a site across web servers or a comprehensive migration from one CMS to a WordPress platform: we’re at your service.

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What Is Website Migration?

It happens when a website undergoes significant changes in areas that can affect the site’s overall SEO rating.

Website migration can take many forms. It could be making changes to the site’s location, platform, content, struck modifications, and design and user experience improvements.

Although it is sometimes necessary to update the URL to reflect the changes, in some circumstances, a thorough URL audit and renewal is required to improve your technical SEO and overall digital strategy and exposure.

Subdomain or subfolder enhancements, a domain name change, top-level domain changes, and site structure updates are all possible with our website migration services.

Our website migration specialists can perform updates such as website content migration, re-platforming, mobile setup adjustments, and website redesigns, besides the technical components of your website.

Don’t let an out-of-date, poorly optimized website stifle your company’s growth, sales, or traffic. Give us your website and you’ll get the benefits of a successful migration.

Experts in WordPress migration

WordPress is something we know like the back of our hands. We’ve dealt with migration mistakes in the past and understand how to remedy the situation.

We’ve moved thousands of WordPress website migration services for clients. They include WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Divi, and more.

We do all our site migrations manually. It’s better than using a plugin. And it also lets us check for and delete any changes that some web hosts such as Godaddy, WPEngine, Siteground, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.

We can begin transferring your WordPress site immediately if you contact us now.

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Professional SEO Website Migration Services In Sheffield

You’ve probably been asked to create an SEO migration strategy. If you’re thinking about a website migration, redesign, or re-platforming, you’re worried about a few things, like “will this hurt my traffic or affect my sales?”

According to the Search Engine Roundtable, after a website migration, 80% of SEOs expect to lose traffic. The site transfer procedure, when done correctly, can set up and streamline your site for success far beyond organic search. When done incorrectly, it can cost your company a lot of visitors and money.

Tradmill offers strategic SEO migration services to help you solve this challenge.

We design practical risk mitigation policies to protect against income and traffic loss.

Our staff will work with you to create custom website migration plans for many migrations, including website redesigns, domain changes, and more. We’ll be there for you before, during, and after the launch of your new website.

The Importance of Website Migration

1. Improved visibility and ranking

Successful site migrations result in the least visibility loss during the first few weeks after the changes. It’s a short-term goal for SEOs working on a website migration.

Overall digital growth, greater visibility, and a significant user-focused experience are the rewards of website migration’s long-term success.

We have professionals in all elements of website migration on standby as a full-service digital agency, including SEO techs, web designers, and developers, to ensure flawless website relocation.

By making changes to your website’s SEO, content, and user experience, your website’s visibility will improve in SERPs.

2. Improved Website Security

Moving from an unsecured web page to a secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) website is one of the most typical website migration services.

As people worry more about security and keeping their data safe, this will help keep a strong customer base and level of customer trust.

For retail and e-commerce websites, where clients must pay for items and services online, website migration for security is crucial.

Our ability to keep your customers information safe and secure helps you keep them as customers and improve your brand’s reputation.

3. Outperform Your Rivals

You may wave your competition goodbye as you climb the SERPs and advance in your market with a new, cutting-edge website and a comprehensive technical SEO audit.

Our clients may rest assured that their website is in good hands because we are a top website migration firm.

We’ll develop a comprehensive website migration strategy, such as website content migration and contingency plans for technological contingencies.

A skilled SEO technician and developer are part of our website migration services. That’s to ensure that all technical changes go smoothly and that your website comes out on top.

If you have an A-Team like us on your side, your premium website migration will help you do well in a search.

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Types of Site Migration We Can Carry Out For You
  1. Protocol Migration

It involves switching your website’s protocol from HTTP to HTTPS. This move carries the risk of requiring a site-wide URL change.

  1. Subdomain Migration

It occurs when a company splits one or more domains into subdomains, or when the URLs of mobile and desktop sites are unified. Because you changed your domain, there is a chance that search engines will look at your site again.

  1. Migrations on Demand

Hundreds of consumers have benefited from our bespoke website services.

We can assist with migration, whether it’s a custom web app, custom CMS, or another form of framework. We are experts in all the most current frameworks. Our team can provide a unique migration solution that is tailored to your project’s needs.

These initiatives frequently necessitate significant planning, and the time required to execute the move can vary. For any custom services, please contact us for a price.

  1. Projects involving HTML Migration

We are well-versed in HTML website migration and can help with any project. With HTML-based sites, we’ll make a backup of the site structure before moving the contents to the new location.

After that, we update the domain’s nameservers to point to the new web host. We will also migrate any existing databases. HTML migrations are completed in 48 hours. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our migration services and get started on your project.

  1. Content Management System (CMS) Migration

It involves transitioning from one platform to another, such as WordPress to Shopify. There is always a risk when a URL rewrite is affected. It’s always the case whenever you switch from one system to another.

  1. Graphic Overhaul

A graphic overhaul affects your website in many ways. The risk involved is little because there are no structural or URL changes.

  1. Structural Migration

Structural migration involves making changes to the structure of a website, such as upgrading internal links, optimising the user journey, or simplifying site navigation.

If done incorrectly, this type of transfer can negatively affect the user experience, content, and internal links.

  1. Forum Migrations

We like assisting clients with forum migrations. Any time forums outgrow their original hosting environment, and the site requires more bandwidth and processing speed, they must move.

In the case of forums, we can make a full backup of the site files, including the database. We then move the files and login to the site to update any forum settings that may need to be changed to fit the new environment.

Finally, we’ll change the domain name nameservers to point to the new web hosting company.

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Tradmill’s Website Migration Services

Regardless of the nature of your web migration services, whether it’s a move between domains, and platforms, or a simple migration from a local server to a web host, Tradmill will ensure that it’s done fast.

We also ensure your site continues to perform well, that it’s completely secure, and that the process feels seamless to you as a client.

You may rest assured that your service will not be interrupted with our following services:

  1. Data Transfer

Even while solutions exist to transfer data from eCommerce platforms to Magento 2, it is still a difficult operation for those without technical experience. 

With Tradmill’s top migration service, we’ll move your site in a standard way to the Magento 2 platform.

  1. Content Management System Migration

Our website migration experts at Tradmill Digital are ready to migrate your current website to your CMS of choice, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco, or another CMS.

We’ve completed hundreds of website migrations over the years, which resulted in improved website speed and user experience. We devise a CMS migration approach that’s unique to your requirements.

  1. Server Migration

We’ll move your website to the new server without any problems. This will make your pages load faster and your clients will have a better experience.

  1. Migration of Your Theme

Because you can’t move themes directly from other platforms such as Magento 2, we will help you change your existing front-end to make it work with Magento 2.

  1. SEO maintenance

We will keep your site’s SEO values, including URLs, Alt text, and site structure, intact. During the migration, there will be no traffic loss.

Are you about to go on one of these journeys? Let’s chat about your website migration strategy right now.

Tradmill’s services also extend to other services such as SEO, PPC, content writing, copywriting, Facebook Ads, etc.

Is there any way Tradmill Digital Marketing can help to create that perfect experience that scales for you? Contact us for more information.

If your business needs a digital transformation or any digital online advice, you should go ahead and get in touch with Tradmill Digital Marketing. You will fall in love with the results that these specialists can offer you in the long run! Call us on 0114 308 7010 or email us at

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