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How to curate content – 10 working tips

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How to create content – 10 working tips



Every day, an enormous amount of new content gets added to the web. The question is: can one share valuable information by putting together a collection of content, especially in this era of information overload?

Creating content is one of the most basic and common things people do in digital marketing. But this simplicity can lead to problems. That’s why you’ve to be careful when choosing content for your content strategies. Without the right plan, it’s easy to lose sight of the message you want to send. 

Sometimes, making unique content can be expensive and may not help your brand connect with other people and experts in the field. 

Creating content is a great way to introduce new points of view to the audience and start conversations with other new audience.

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For instance, it’s a way for businesses to add to their content production strategy, making their brand more valuable and helping them connect with potential customers. 

There used to be a time people found it hard to find information on the Internet. Today, it’s not hard to find any vital information online. 

Instead, it’s now harder to sort through the excess content to find what’s important and related to your needs.  

What Is Content Curation?

 Content curation involves looking for online content and choosing the pieces your audience will be most interested in. Such content includes text, video, audio, newsletters and social networks. 

More companies are now using content curation more than ever. That’s because this selection of materials adds to the production of richer content. It makes your brand more valuable and improves your relationship with the audience, among other benefits. 

So, we can say that curation is the transfer of links and information from different channels to your audience. You don’t have to post the same content on your blogs. Instead, it’s a practice you can carry out through email marketing and social networks. 

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Aside from that, it entails a lot of work collecting, evaluating, researching, organising, and making relevant content available to a certain audience that needs such information.     

It must be borne in mind that when curating content, it needs to be relevant to the audience. Also, it must be related to your business niche.

Thus, good content curation services can help your business to build credibility and visibility when combining original content with active market participation. 

There’s something worth mentioning here; content curation is not the same as copying content from one place and pasting on your website and calling it yours. 

This can hurt your content marketing strategy because the algorithms are set up to find duplicate content. 

That’s why you need a digital marketing agency in Sheffield to help you curate valuable content for your business.

We’ve just defined content curation and what it isn’t. Let’s switch over to reasons companies in Sheffield need to embrace content curation. 

5 Reasons Brands In Sheffield need to curate Content Consistently: 

1. It Brings More Organic Traffic 

If you play your cards right, you have a great chance of getting found for free through search engines. To do this right, you’ve to create a well-thought-out content marketing plan that includes the keywords people use to search for information online. 

Use this as a way to come up with new ideas for blog posts, and reach out to influential people to find out what they think so you can post it on your blog.

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2  It Leads to Brand Recognition 

Sharing your view and having people share it repeatedly is essential in marketing. It shows how much your brand is talked about or advertised to the target audience compared to the competition. 

You can make yourself stand out and even beat your competitors by doing a good job of curation and including topics that are useful to your audience,

When you curate content, you can share more posts on all your channels. Without it, you can only do so much. Thus, it pays to be the first thing on your customers’ minds by sharing new ideas and content on the platforms they use the most.  

3. Building Up The Community 

People create every piece of content you see online. If you use your content to answer the right questions, talk about the proper topics, and comment on the right news, you’ll build a loyal community in no time. 

However, it’s important to remember that building a community isn’t about putting content together. 

You can build a loyal following by responding to your community fast, participating in group discussions, and responding to website reviews. 

4. Marketing Materials 

The curation of content has many benefits. One shot can hit more than one target. Your content helps in building your community and getting people interested in your brand. It also helps you make more marketing materials. 

It means you’ll have a good amount of materials to curate content on other channels or even to equip and strengthen your sales team. The beauty of it is that you can stop making content all the time and enjoy the long-term results of your work. 

How To Curate Content: 10 Tips To Succeed 

When you’re putting together content, there are some tips and best practices to follow. Here are the most important ones! 

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1. Know Your Ideal Customers

Your content is meant for your customers.  So, to properly curate content, you need to know your company’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and who they are and what interests them. 

Simplify and make the content easier for them to consume and share with their friends and followers. As long as it fits with your persona, you could add some entertainment to your content, 

2. Make Blog Posts 

The blog post is a great way to show what you found when you searched for content. Some companies select, for example, the best articles or news of the week on a certain topic and share them with their audiences. 

If you do this regularly, like every Friday, your readers will be expecting it often. 

By giving a summary of what the article is about, the author helps the reader get through the article faster. He can click on the link to the original article to read the whole thing if he wants to. 

You can make the suggestions on the blog itself, in a list with links to the different options. It can be in a more detailed post about a specific publication in which your company not only makes suggestions but also comments on points where it disagrees, gives examples from its own experiences, and highlights what it thinks is important. 

3. Pay Attention To What’s Trending 

Think about whether the “hot” topics in the world are interesting to your persona. 

For instance, if he likes sports, you can include that in the content curation and creation when such sporting events happen. 

4. Put The Content Into Context 

It doesn’t help to copy a post without making a comment or adding anything that has to do with your followers’ daily lives.

They want to read or watch things that can help them learn, have fun, or think. 

So, make a change, add a citation, and explain why you thought it was important to publish the information. 

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5. Use A Variety Of Channels 

In addition to the blog post, you can share your curation in other ways. 

One of them is email, which lets you talk to your contacts right away. It’s a chance to be very helpful by sending good information straight to each person’s email inbox. 

For example, if you’re a blogger, you can send out a weekly newsletter with the latest blogging news. 

6. Choose Reliable Sources 

The content you suggest needs to be good, reliable and authentic. Putting out fake and unverified news, and texts that are too short or poorly written can hurt your credibility. 

Hence, be careful about where you get your information. Choose well-known sources or websites from reputable companies in their field. Leave out the people who are your direct competitors. 

7. Use The Right Channels And Language To Share Your Content 

Each way of sharing information has its own rules and goals. 

Before sharing, it’s essential to know the channels and tailor the message to their language and the space they offer. 


8. Give Credit To The Content Owner 

Curation should never be a copy of something that came from another source. The idea is to suggest reading what other people have written and adding something to it, like a small comment. 

It’s important to be careful not only with what you choose, but also with how you present the material and, most importantly, who you credit. If you copy other people’s work, it will hurt your business. 

9. Keep Up With Your Publications

 When you’re curating, remember that your audience reads your blog, social media, email, or other channels. Because of this, it’s important to publish your curated content at a certain rate. 

After all, this will show your audience that you care about them and wish to make your relationship with them stronger. 

10. Scrutinise Each Content 

After you choose content, you should look at it closely to see if it makes sense or syncs with your audience. 

Ask yourself, “Is this content relevant to the people I want to reach?” Does it give those who use it something of value? Does it need to be posted right away (like a news story), or can it be saved for when you’re out of ideas? Choose the best, not the most! 

You’ve to ask and answer these questions because, on channels like social networks and blogs, you need to post regularly for your audience and followers to see and remember you.

It means you need a lot of content to succeed if you want to master how to curate content.

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