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New Fully Responsive Website


Welcome to our exclusive product page tailored for brand-new websites.

Unlock an additional £100 discount on the listed prices when you order any new website through our online platform. Simply add your desired package to the cart and utilize the coupon code “100off.” Act swiftly, as this limited-time offer applies to the next 3 new websites ordered online.

Embark on a digital journey with Tradmill Digital Marketing’s new and exciting website options, meticulously designed to cater to a spectrum of business needs. Our three distinct choices redefine the possibilities for your online presence.

Firstly, the Basic Package (£1399 inc VAT) offers a streamlined solution for those establishing their initial digital footprint. It’s a cost-effective entry point featuring essential elements to effectively showcase your products or services.

Next, the Ecommerce Package (£1799 inc VAT) is tailored for businesses diving into the world of online sales. This comprehensive option seamlessly integrates features for product management and secure payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and efficient online shopping experience for your customers.

Lastly, our Membership and Ecommerce Package (£2399 inc VAT) combines the best of both worlds. Ideal for organizations with a membership model, this option not only facilitates seamless online transactions but also manages memberships effectively.

With these new website options, Tradmill Digital Marketing empowers businesses to choose a tailored solution that aligns with their unique goals, providing a robust and dynamic online presence. Elevate your digital landscape with our versatile and competitively priced packages.

Discover the potential of our services as we craft a comprehensive, multi-page platform for you on popular CMS options such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace, complete with full e-commerce functionality. Picture a website that seamlessly navigates through essential sections like HOME, PROPERTIES, LANDLORDS, TENANTS, ABOUT, and CONTACT.

Our offering extends to include robust e-commerce capabilities for up to 30 products, ensuring your online store is equipped for success. Experience an engaging website with dynamic elements designed to captivate visitors and encourage prolonged exploration.

Built on the WordPress CMS platform, your website ensures easy content and image updates for swift customization. The homepage is thoughtfully designed with an infinite scroll section, providing a user-friendly journey through all services offered before delving deeper.

Our focus on user experience ensures that customers can reach their desired destination within three clicks, facilitating quick enquiries and access to online information. Tailored forms streamline the inquiry process, allowing customers to choose the type of inquiry they prefer: appointment, general, or other.

Boost your online presence with location-based services, contributing to improved Google rankings. Rest assured, every website we create adheres to GDPR guidelines, with GDPR-friendly contact forms and the inclusion of SSL for enhanced security (hosting payment required).

For an added boost, each website comes equipped with basic SEO features, including Google indexing, optimized page titles, and descriptions. Responsive design is at the core of our creations, ensuring your website functions seamlessly on all devices, with a particular focus on mobile compatibility.

As part of our comprehensive service, we set up Google Indexing and Analytics, empowering you with valuable insights into your website’s performance. Should you wish to elevate your SEO strategy further, Tradmill offers advanced SEO packages tailored to your specific needs.

Choose Tradmill for a new website that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing an immersive online experience for your audience. Invest in a website that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly, setting the foundation for your digital success.