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Traditional marketing?

7 ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DIGITAL MARKETING AND TRADITIONAL MARKETING Do you prefer the immersive experience of a TV or radio commercial or the nostalgia of holding the powerful ads you see in Rolling Stone magazine in your hands? The medium in which people find your advertisement is the key difference between digital marketing and traditional …

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Empowering Businesses

Tradmill Digital Marketing: Empowering Sheffield Businesses with Customised Digital Solutions Introduction In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, businesses must have a robust online presence to stay ahead of the curve. Tradmill Digital Marketing, spearheaded by Paul Milligan and based in Sheffield, is a leading UK digital marketing agency that has been instrumental in helping businesses …

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7 types of Google Ads

7 types of Google Ads   7 TYPES OF GOOGLE ADS FORMATS FOR YOUR NEXT AD CAMPAIGN You wanted to start your first Google Ads campaign but didn’t know how to choose between the different campaign types and Google Ads formats. Do not panic! We’ll show you what Google Ads offers and how each campaign …

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How to create brand awareness

How to create brand awareness   HOW TO CREATE BRAND AWARENESS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN SHEFFIELD What would your brand be like if it were a person? Your small business has a personality, goals, and qualities that make it special.  This is what you should say in every message you send if you want people …

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